Paolo Calabrese is an Italian sound artist whose work mostly encompasses recorded compositions, performances, and installations.
His main focus is on sound capacities: unconventional tunings, exploration of psychoacoustic properties, and perceptions phenomena.
His pieces of work deal with topics such as deep listening, sonic awareness, silence, reductionism, and timbre research.
His solo and collaborative works are documented on labels such as asonu.adventurous music, here free press, hxagrm, subsist, exprecords, corpus black.


"i tend to reduce the language to specified numbers of essential elements, lacking as many denotative meanings as possible, trying to transform the medium used in a technique of linguistic investigation of an analytical and self-reflective nature.
in whatever form my art may have, i am looking for the pure forma: direct and immediate access to my artistic alphabet, trying to eliminate my intellectual and associative experience”